May 19, 2019

Tesco Price Tracker

Tesco status: ╬▓eta

You can track products of this store, but things might break from time to time.

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We are really, REALLY, excited to announce that we are (almost) supporting Tesco!

Tesco will be the first groceries & general merchandise retailer you can track on Saveloop.

More and more people are buying only, and not just games, clothing and electronics. Big grocery names, such as Tesco, are looking to sell their products on the internet. And while tracking the prices of bread, tomatoes and bananas might seem a little dull at first, we believe this can help you save some serious cash. We have to eat, after all.

When we working on supporting Tesco, we were surprised by the amount of price deviations there are in the world of groceries.

Make some good use of it!

Get the most out of Saveloop

  • Monitor unlimited products
  • Take advantage during sales periods
  • No time limit on monitoring - monitor for months
  • Save money by shopping early for holiday season
  • Especially handy for seasonal items