May 19, 2019

Flipkart Price Tracker

Flipkart status: ╬▓eta

You can track products of this store, but things might break from time to time.

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The Indian Amazon. How could we not support it?

The figures of Flipkart are just mind-boggling:

  • Launched only in 2007
  • 39.5% market share of India's e-commerce industry
  • Revenue of over 200 billion rupees

Oh, and lest we forget: That other Amazon rival, Walmart, has a huge stake in Flipkart, for a whopping 81.3%!

We are currently working to support that other e-commerce giant from India, SnapDeal.

We are working hard to make the Flipkart status go from Beta to Live, but you can already start tracking products on Flipkart!

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