May 19, 2019 Price Tracker status: LIVE!

Tracking products of this store is fully working!

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Bol puuuuuuuunt com.

Hier zijn we dan weer! and Prijzenvolger. It was a match made in heaven. Prijzenvolger helped you save serious money whilst shopping on and from day one Prijzenvolger launched, was the most popular shop on the platform.

For those of you who don't know what Prijzenvolger is: before we created Saveloop, we created another tool called Prijzenvolger that also helped you track the prices of e-commerce stores. The name is in Dutch because we only supported Dutch & Belgian stores.

But now we're back! And we just COULD NOT LAUNCH without supporting It's our first love and it will be our last.

There's one itsy pitsy tiny confession that we have to make: even though status of the store is live, we are experiencing some problems tracking the prices of the Belgian part of the store. It keeps tracking the Dutch prices. So if you are from Belgium and you encounter this problem, know that we're doing everything we can to solve this problem as fast as we possibly can!

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  • Monitor unlimited products
  • Take advantage during sales periods
  • No time limit on monitoring - monitor for months
  • Save money by shopping early for holiday season
  • Especially handy for seasonal items