About Saveloop

Saveloop is a price tracker that supports some of the biggest stores in the world. To see a list of all the stores are you can track with Saveloop, Check out the shops page!

A couple of years ago Saveloop was known as "Prijzenvolger". This word will probably look foreign to you, especially if you don't know any Dutch.

At the time we supported about a hundred of the biggest e-commerce stores in Belgium & The Netherlands.

The more we talked to people from other countries, the more the same question popped up: "Hey can you guys support store X?". Depending on the country the person was from, "Store X" would change. People from India would ask us to support Flipkart, English people would want to track products on Tesco and Brazilians would want to shop cheaper on Submarino.

So we decided to build "Prijzenvolger" from the ground up. We kept only the biggest Belgian & Dutch e-commerce stores and added several international shops. Again for a complete list, check out the shops page.

Get the most out of Saveloop

  • Monitor unlimited products
  • Take advantage during sales periods
  • No time limit on monitoring - monitor for months
  • Save money by shopping early for holiday season
  • Especially handy for seasonal items